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BURN touches the hearts of anyone who has been involved in a toxic love, the kind that consumes you...


Not only does Myla write her own music, she produces, markets, deals with the graphic design and even films her own music videos. People are creating video's using her music on TikTok, which have reached thousands of views and a continuous growing fanbase. She has featured in blogs such as Music Crown, Off the Record, We Write About Music, etc. Myla has received high praise for her lyrics and vocals with USWC rewarding her with a 5-star rating on many of her songs.

You can find Myla on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube as her main social media platforms. Links are below! 

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Artist: Myla Vie 
Single: BURN 
Release Date: 27/10/2023
Genre: RnB, Alternative

Having reached over 100K streams on Spotify last year and receiving BBC Introducing airtime, Myla returns with her latest single 'BURN'.

Taken from a personal experience being in a toxic love dynamic that consumes you, BURN is a cryptic message with emotive lyrics and haunting melodies. Created in her bedroom, this song has inspirations from artists such as The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat. By blending genres from alt rnb to cinematic pop, Myla likes to keep herself out of the box and explore with different so

To Pre save BURN click here. 

Press Release: Download Info


Amelia Vandergast ANR Factory

"Between all of the comparisons, the London-based artist definitely hasn’t failed in stamping down her own signature style onto the airwaves. She’s already set her sound apart with palpable distinction, it will be incredibly exciting to see how Myla Valentina follows on from the debut of her first original single."

Llewelyn Screen ANR Factory

"This is a song that asks a lot of them and with this powerful message, I feel that London’s Myla has reached a new plateau in her career. This is scrumptious music with an edge."

SLE Radio

"An absolutely fantastic singer from England - Essex who will blow you away with her fantastic vocals, her control, her range and her personality really shines through in all her songs. This lady is a star in the making and we need to get behind her in support of her journey."

The Party Playlister

"English singer-songwriter whose dark pop tracks are full of ambient melodies and cinematic instrumentals. Freedom is a sultry song from the young Myla, bringing a strange sense of intensity and haunting to the typical happy go lucky Pop genre. With an EP due this year this is clearly lots more to come from the talented Myla Valentina"

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