Press Release

The Irony of Loneliness EP created in a pandemic.

Working hard in her studio at home during the lockdown, she has been working tirelessly as a frontline worker on top of recording and producing her first ever EP, using only what she had at her fingertips. Myla has stated that the EP  'The Irony of loneliness' will be a representation of her own personal experiences with mental health and relationships, something everyone can resonate with especially after the pandemic. With deep, evocative lyrics, catchy smooth melodies and dark emotive visuals, you won't want to miss out on this release. Making her own stamp in the music industry, this is a UK artist that you will not want to pass by. With a growing, loyal fanbase, she will soon be taking over with her fresh, new take on R&B/pop. 

Myla Vie made a brave step on releasing her latest singles 'Real Love'  and 'Mistake' taking a 90's RnB vibe and turning it into something fresh and new. 'Real Love' and 'Mistake' have both been featured on radio stations such as Phoenix FM and BBC Essex and on huge playlists such as Distrokid's R&B/Soul on Spotify. 'Mistake' has been crowned BBC Introducing's 'Weekly Vibe' and track of the week, it has also had exclusive plays from radio stations such as Gateway FM and Spark Radio in Sunderland.

The Irony of Loneliness is available to pre save now and will be released Autumn 2021.



Amelia Vandergast ANR Factory

"Between all of the comparisons, the London-based artist definitely hasn’t failed in stamping down her own signature style onto the airwaves. She’s already set her sound apart with palpable distinction, it will be incredibly exciting to see how Myla Valentina follows on from the debut of her first original single."

Llewelyn Screen ANR Factory

"This is a song that asks a lot of them and with this powerful message, I feel that London’s Myla has reached a new plateau in her career. This is scrumptious music with an edge."

SLE Radio

"An absolutely fantastic singer from England - Essex who will blow you away with her fantastic vocals, her control, her range and her personality really shines through in all her songs. This lady is a star in the making and we need to get behind her in support of her journey."

The Party Playlister

"English singer-songwriter whose dark pop tracks are full of ambient melodies and cinematic instrumentals. Freedom is a sultry song from the young Myla, bringing a strange sense of intensity and haunting to the typical happy go lucky Pop genre. With an EP due this year this is clearly lots more to come from the talented Myla Valentina"