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Professionally known as Myla Vie, she is a British singer and songwriter. She is known for her versatile cinematic genre and writing music from personal events. Myla began performing as a child attending dance classes, singing at open mics and acting in school plays. She studied at Belfair's Academy and took part in performing arts as her chosen classes. After finishing college, Myla went on to work in many different roles. During this time frame Myla endured a lot of trauma that caused many obstacles in her music career and personal life, however, Myla never gave up on her music. In her free time she would write songs, perform at open mics and post covers onto YouTube. 


In 2018 she joined a duo and worked alongside a songwriter and producer for artists such as The Appleton Sisters, Gareth Gates, etc. In the later year of 2019, Myla decided to start working on her own music and released her first ever single 'Colour in the Grey'. Early 2020 came and she had already released 3 more singles. Working hard throughout lockdown, Myla created her first EP, The Irony of Loneliness, with only what she had at her fingertips. Since the pandemic, Myla has gone on to release 7 more singles which have been successful on TikTok, played on local radio stations and performed live in London.

She has received a 5 star rating for her lyrics from the UK Song Writing contest in 2019 and in 2022 she reached over 100K streams on Spotify. Her singles such as 'Mistake' and 'Real Love' have received airtime from radio shows such as BBC Introducing Essex, Phoenix FM, Amazing Radio UK and Gateway FM. One was even crowned BBC Introducing's Weekly Vibe. As Myla continues her journey with her music career, this is an artist you will need to watch out for. 

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