Myla has continued to push boundaries with honest lyrics and crossing genre's to take her music to the next level. Last year was a great year for Myla considering most of the UK was in a national lockdown. Releasing her first EP 'The Irony of Loneliness' that has been featured on radio stations such as BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio and many more local stations around London/Essex, she continues to progress in her music career and reaching new heights. Myla is an artist that resonates with many, her songs make you feel like they were written for you. 


Her latest single 'The Game' really is about playing mind games with the one you love, pleading to them, to swear that they will never hurt you, yet their actions tell a different story. It is a love song but not romanticized, showing the reality of baggage and emotional turmoil that comes with trying to work a relationship out, however complicated it may get. 

With Myla's haunting vocals harmonising with this unique arrangement of music, this is a song that will continue to replay in your mind long after you have listened to it. 

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